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Welcome to QLD Voice and Data. 

We are a telecommunications solutions provider who supplies voice, data, internet and VOIP products to our customers - large or small.


We bring over 40 years experience and have resources to secure better telephony and data communications services at competitive prices - with a focus on service excellence.



To put "customer" back into customer service and ensure every job is tailored to meet your needs and budget.


A locally owned telecommunications company with the experience to do the job right... the first time.

There is a vast range of telephone solutions currently available and our experienced technicians will provide advice to ensure you choose the best fit for your situation and budget.


We'll hand hold you through NBN migrations, providing advice and technical support.

Need help with your NBN migration - just call us!


Before leaving your premises we will provide training so you are ready to get the best from your new system.

We are just a phone call away, and there if you need our help - anytime!

Business and Residential Telephone Equipment and Cabling


We specialise in the installation, alteration and maintenance of:

  • Business telephone systems, including (however not limited to):

    •  Samsung, Panasonic, Avaya, Mitel, Hybrex and Commander.

    • Cloud based telephony solutions

  • Residential installation and wiring

  • Discounted service for Seniors.  Providing cost effective telephony installation, tuition and support

  • NBN migration assistance and guidance 

  • Internal cabling, phone points and hardware installation including various ISP modems and simple telephony solutions.

  • Prewiring

  • External cabling and network connections

  • Multi level building cabling

  • MDF's (Building Distributor), IDF's (Floor Distributor)

  • LAN cabling including:

    • Cat 5, Cat 6, Fibre Optics, cabinets and patch panels.

  • PSTN, ISDN, VOIP and WiFi.

  • Digital TV Antennas

  • Faxes and EFTPOS. 

  • Peripheral equipment - ie. headsets and voicemail

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